IDEOM provides a user-friendly Excel interface for advanced metabolomics analysis of LC-MS (and GC-MS) data. 

To stay up-to-date, or to seek help for IDEOM please join the google-group:

The latest stable version of IDEOM can always be found at:
(the most recent beta version can be downloaded below. If using this version please report any bugs.)

If you have trouble getting a stable installation of the R dependencies (including mzMatch.R, xcms) please try copying this folder onto your computer ( and double-check you have the latest 64bit version of Java (
mzMatch.R provides advanced data processing algorithms for MS-based metabolomics:
mzMatch-ISO allows automated extraction of isotopologues for stable-isotope labelled metabolomics

Other useful software tools/downloads:
Pathos (pathway mapping tool):
XCMS (LCMS peak extraction):
Proteowizard tools (Includes msconvert for ms file format conversion):

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12 Jun 2019, 20:23