Group Leader

Dr Darren J. Creek
B. Pharm (Hons). PhD. [Monash University]

Post-doctoral fellows

Dr Ghizal Siddiqui
B. BMS (Hons), PhD [Monash University]
- Metabolomics and proteomics of drug mechanisms in malaria parasites

Carlo Giannangelo
B. Pharm (Hons) [University of Queensland], PhD [Monash University]
 - Investigating the mechanism of action of peroxide antimalarials with systems pharmacology

Mitchell Batty 
PhD [Monash University]

Research Assistants
Dr Dovile Anderson
M. Sci. PhD. [Vilnius University]
- Metabolomics and lipidomics analysis

Amanda De Paoli
B. Sci (Hons) [Monash University]
- Anti-malarial drug discovery

PhD Students

Katherine Ellis
B. Pharm Sci (Hons)  [Monash University]
- Discovering the mode of action of novel triazine antimalarials

Anna Sexton

B. Sci (Microbiology) (Hons) [Monash University]

- Regulation of Plasmodium metabolism by protein kinases

Amanda Peterson
B. Pharm Sci (Hons) [Monash University]
- Metabolomics of cancer in response to stress

Tom Kralj
B. Pharm Sci (Hons) [Monash University]
- Metabolomic investigation of Drug Induced Liver Injury

Matthew Challis
B. Pharm Sci  [Monash University]
- Investigating the mechanism of action of a novel antimalarial compound series

Annie Lou
B. Pharm [Monash University]
- Investigating mechanism of action of novel Triazine antimalarials

Honours Students

Visiting Fellows/Students

Dr Anubhav Srivastava B. Sci (Hons) [Delhi], M. Sc [Abertay Dundee], PhD [Glasgow]
- Metabolism and drug discovery in trypanosomes

Dr Adrian Russell B. Sci (Hons), PhD [University of Melbourne]
- Bioinformatics analysis of metabolomics data for biomarker discovery

Dr Michael Christopher 
- Lipidomics investigation of novel anti-cancer agents

Daniel Stoessel  (Masters, Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin)
- Novel methods for metabolite localisation

Renata Garcia-Carneiro (B. Pharm, University of Brasilia)
- Investigation of the reactivity of ozonide antimalarials

Hafidz Mafiah B. Biomed Sci (Hons) [IIUM, Malaysia], M. Sci (Biotech Eng) [IIUM, Malaysia]
 - Understanding polymyxin activity and resistance with metabolomics
Main supervisor: Prof Jian Li. Co-supervisor: Dr Tony Velkov

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