Research Projects

The Creek laboratory at Monash Institute of Pharmacological Sciences (MIPS) uses advanced metabolomics and systems pharmacology methods to investigate drug action in microbial pathogens. 

Current projects in the Creek lab investigate metabolic pathways and drug mechanisms in Trypanosoma brucei (Human African Trypanosomiasis - HAT), Plasmodium falciparum (Malaria), Gram negative superbugs (Acinetobacter baumannii and Klebsiella pneumoniae) and various cancer cell lines. We also develop and apply novel methods in metabolomics to enhance our understanding of metabolism. By improving our understanding of metabolic networks and mechanisms of drug action we hope to facilitate the discovery and development of new medicines for infectious diseases.

Current projects include:
      • Investigating the mechanisms of action of antimalarial drugs 
  • Investigating the mechanisms of action of novel anti-trypanosomal compounds 
  • Understanding the regulation of metabolism in protozoan pathogens and cancer cells
  • Development of novel methods for metabolomics 

The following projects are available to potential honours students:
  • Discovery of new anti-malarial mechanisms
  • Drug discovery for Sleeping sickness
  • Discovery of novel metabolic pathways in African trypanosomes
  • Using metabolomics to understand drug toxicity
  • Development of novel metabolomics techniques