Our work would not be possible without our wonderful collaborators, including:
Prof Sue Charman (CDCO, Monash): Malaria and pharmaceutical chemistry
Prof Jian Li (D4, Monash): Antibiotics and systems pharmacology
Prof Jonathan Baell (Medicinal Chemistry, MIPS): HAT/Malaria drug discovery and chemical biology
Dr Erica Sloan (Drug Discovery Biology, MIPS): Cancer metabolomics
A/Prof Bernie Flynn ((Medicinal Chemistry, MIPS): Cancer lipidomics

Prof Christian Doerig & Dr Teresa Carvalho(Microbiology, Monash): Functional kinomics
Prof Brian Cooke (Microbiology, Monash): Babesia metabolomics and proteomics
A/Prof Bayden Wood (Chemistry, Monash): Spectroscopic analysis

Prof Michael Barrett (Glasgow): Trypanosomiasis and metabolomics
Prof Malcolm McConville and Dr Stuart Ralph (Melbourne): Malaria and metabolomics
Prof Leann Tilley (Melbourne): Malaria (artemisinins)
Prof Dominique Soldati-Favre (Geneva): Apicomplexan metabolism
Dr Mike Inouye (Melbourne): Typhoid metabolomics
and others ...

The Trypanocyc consortium for annotation of T. brucei metabolic pathways: